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Hang tags and parking
Wherever there is a dense population of people and vehicles, parking can become an issue, with drivers jockeying for the best spots or the best rates.
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Hangtags are most often encountered in two places – parking lots and hotels – but there they're essential. Paper hangtags are particularly useful for giving proprietors a clear space to record data like license number, registration and expiration dates. They're easily color coded, and can also give lot owners room to record extra touches like branding and location information to help make sure the car owner's always in the right place.

Parking isn't the only use for paper tags, though – they're sometimes seen on sale items in shops, and they can do an especially important job hanging from machinery that has to be inspected regularly for safety reasons. Blank tags are perfectly flexible, giving you easy recordability and plenty of color choices – and they can even be made from recycled paper, making you both responsible and organized!

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Places where paper hang tags are used
Hang tags aren't something that most people think about all the time, but we're surrounded by them every day.

The way to an effective parking permit policy
For owners and administrators of privately owned parking facilities, a clear and organized permit policy is the key to running an efficient business.

Optimizing price tags
With a well-chosen price tag, your merchandise can speak for itself. Though hanging sale tags may seemlike a simple afterthought, successful merchants know…

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